Cash Offer

If you are looking to sell quickly with the least amount of effort and inconvenience, this may be the option for you. 

  1. You request an offer online by providing your address and contact information. 
  2. You will get an offer. 
  3. You accept or decline the offer. 
  4. You may need to get a home assessment

Benefits of

Express Cash Offer option:

  • You are in control of the timeline.
  • Closing dates are fast and flexible.
  • No stress over upgrades or repairs
  • No need to clean or stage your home
  • No need for showings or open houses

Selling your home with an Express Cash Offer is quick and easy. However, since the home is not exposed to the market, sale prices are typically much lower than selling the traditional way. If you want to experience a higher return on your sale, click here to view our Minimal Effort, Big Return option!



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